Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Skeleton Dance

Enjoy a fun animation from Disney from 1929, when they animated cool stuff.

For an interesting comparison, check out how Disney looks today at their official site below...

[Link to Disney Site]

Black Glass Flower

I came across this gorgeous "Gold and Silver Fumed Black Glass Flower" on Etsy the other day, created by James Lais (borobomb), who makes and sells all kinds of beautiful glass items with borosilicate glass. I think this flower would make for some epic home decor and is definitely an interesting conversation piece!!

[Link to borobomb's shop on Etsy]

[via Etsy]

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mmmmm.... brains!

Desserts for zombies. Hmmm, I might even eat this.

Since when do brains resemble cake?

Click on the following links to see more skull cakes. Growlingbelly gives quick access to other skull cake photos, but the images were originally compiled by Skulls and Bacon.

[Link to]

[Link to the Skulls and Bacon blog]

Five nice ways to die

Actually, the 5 creepiest. Hmmmm, I prefer #4!


Actually, the thing I find creepiest about this, is that the article is on, and therefore meant to be humourous. Not funny!

[Link to the Cracked article here.]

Bat Shawl

Need something vampiric to help keep the (undead) chills away? Try out this bat shawl, posted especially for The Vampire.

Bat Shawl

Find the pattern for knitting this shawl at The AntiCraft!, through the following link:

[Link to The AntiCraft!]

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Add some Bite to your Beverage!

...with a vampire fang ice cube tray (thank you, misspulga)!!! Works great with pure water, but I found that freezing a little cranberry juice in the fangs and then filling the teeth to the top with water makes for a more realistic, freshly-sucked blood effect. Love it!