Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Shopping

Disclaimer: I apologise in advance for the long post, but there are so many goodies to share.

Still looking for that perfect gift for the one you love (or hate)? ThinkGeek has a multitude of innovative gift ideas for the geek in everyone. Here are some examples...

"Knife" Block

"Chillin' at home or the office" gear
Skull 'n' Crossbones Slanket

Human Organ Lunch Bag

Bathroom gear

Blood Bag Shower Gel

Ominous Visitor Shower Curtain

Horror movie shower curtain and bath mat

Zombie Gear
Zombie Plushes

Dismember Me Zombie Plush

Garden Zombie

Zombie glassware

Zombie boardgame

Zombie book

Zombie romance novel

Zombie filming guide

Zombie high-school memorabilia yearbook

Hit the link below and find all those hard-to-get items for those hard-to-buy-for people. Happy Shopping!

[Link to ThinkGeek]

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Lego® Anatomy!

Hand sculpted Lego® anatomy by Jason Freeny.

Super cute! I always figured Lego® dudes were anatomically correct under their little plastic bodies.

I found this awesome pic on the inspire me now website... I absolutely love this site, so definitely check it out when you have the chance!

[Link to Lego® dude]

Socks Anatomy!

Socks Anatomy by designer Anton Repponen.

Stuck on what to get misspulga for Grinchmas? How about some anatomically correct socks?!? Keep your toes warm while exposing them at the same time. >:-D Looooooove it!!!

[Link to Socks Anatomy]

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Marianas August Burns Red!

A little metal...a little Marianas Trench, courtesy of August Burns Red. The band ran a "make an epic music video" contest for this song, and here is the awesome fan-made result! The star of the video is Mariana, by the way, and I think we can all guess the bit about the Trench.

[Link to August Burns Red's website]

[Link to EMI Music]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tony Almighty

This is a story that happened to me and my good friend a few years ago. It all started with her gorgeous, BIG cat named Tony. Tony looked like he had a good deal of Siamese in him. He was a very tall and good looking feline. Tony lived the good life for a long time and then finally died of old age. My girlfriend's family of four adult children had known Tony growing up and she wanted them to be present at the cat's funeral. So, until she could get them all together for the interment, Tony resided in a cardboard box in the big chest freezer in the basement.

Every so often I would ask, "Have you buried Tony yet?" and the answer was always, "No, not yet". This went on for quite some time. It was finally determined that Tony had been in the freezer for TWO years! Well, it's one thing to have a pet in the freezer until the spring thaw, but two years I thought was a little excessive!

I cornered my friend and suggested that it was time for Tony's body to be released. She readily agreed. Her kids were all over the country and it seemed impossible to find a time that would be suitable for everyone. So we set a time and a date when I would come over and help her to bury Tony.

On the appointed day, I showed up at her door, shovel in hand. She wasn't home. "Where is she?" I asked her husband. "Over at Jackie's" he replied. "Give me Jackie's number!" I ordered. I got her on the phone... "I have the cat. If you want to know where I'm burying him you had better get over here!" She pulled into the driveway moments later.

Digging was very difficult. The ground was hard and rocky. I pounded away until I had a substantial hole. Okay; now it was time to get Tony out of the freezer. I saw the box he was in and told my friend that the digging was so hard I didn't want to dig a bigger hole, so he had to come out of the box to bury him. He was perfect. He looked like he was sleeping. I joked that she could have sold him at the recent church sale as a cushion and no one would have known the difference. He smelled like strawberries. I wondered if any food in her freezer had picked up the flavour of cat. Into the hole he went.

As we stood there and said goodbye to Tony, we each threw a handful of dirt on the grave. All of a sudden there was a weird howling sound that shocked my friend and I and made the hair on the backs of our necks stand up and gave us goose bumps. Two cats had chosen that very time to yowl to each other... or was it to howl to Tony, the King of the Cats? My friend said, "They're singing him a hymn!" It was all very peculiar. We looked around but never saw the cats that made the loud howling.

And that is the story of Tony Almighty!

Monday, November 7, 2011

World's Largest Pumpkin, Carved Into Zombies!!!

Since we're on a pumpkin kick, I thought I'd up the ante by posting pics of the LARGEST - if not most epic - pumpkin ever carved. It weighs in at a massive 1, 818.5 lbs. and was sculpted by master food carver Ray Villafane. And what better subject matter than zombies - misspulga's favorite? I'm loving the pumpkin guts dripping off of everything.

Check out the link for more pics, and a video of Ray carving the pumpkin.

[Link to pics of World's Largest Carved Pumpkin]

[via Damn Cool Pictures]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

misspulga's Anatomically Correct Heart-O-Lantern

Trick-or-Treat kiddies! How about an organ with your candy? Muahaha!

misspulga's heart comes alive with fire.

This year, the Vampire and misspulga made jack-o-lanterns together. The Vampire is a seasoned pro; this, however, was misspulga's first attempt at serious pumpkin carving. Not bad, if I do say so myself! :-) I chose to use a white pumpkin this year, rather than the classic orange. It looks great, but is like carving a squash... not to mention the fact that it smells oddly like pickles and cat urine. Oh, the things we do for art!

Victor from Corpse Bride...Jack-o-Lantern!

Victor lighting a candle at his wedding ceremony rehearsal

"Oh...but I love him!!" exclaimed The Vampire to misspulga as she turned around to marvel at her finished Hallowe'en 2011 original pumpkin carving. Corpse Bride is one of The Vampire's favourite Tim Burton films, so she decided that Victor was 'the one' for her pumpkin this year!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Head Hunting, Voodoo, and Other Recreational After-Dark Activities

Well just another post from your Friendly Neighbourhood Grave Robber ...
-A glass dome spotted at the Sally Anne for Ricky by elPresidente: $2.
-A wicker basket hacked up and turned upside down for the dome base: $1.
-A glue coated strand of twine wrapped around the basket base: $0.
-Some dried and drilled chicken bones courtesy of KFC: $0.
-A Shish Kabob skewer impaling the bones and head: $0.
-One very realistic looking Shrunken Head touched up by me... $35.
Final Display Results ... PRICELESS !!!

Heidi Klum's Amazing Hallowe'en Costume

In case you didn't know, Heidi Klum's annual Hallowe'en party is THE party to be at if you're an A-lister. She's known for her outrageous - and sometimes controversial - costumes. This year, as you can see from the photos, she dressed up as a "dead body" and was wheeled into her party on a stretcher by two doctors!!! Awesome. She's definitely earned points in my book. :-D

Check out more photos of Heidi at her party, her step-by-step transformation from supermodel to corpse, previous years' costumes, and a hideous pic of DESPERATE Real Housewife Bettheny Frankel dressed up as "Hello Cougar". :-S

[Link to photos of Heidi Klum's costume, etc.]

[via The Daily Mail UK]

Friday, November 4, 2011

Coffee Time

Ricvictorian's Coffin Coffee Table. Just a few picts of my latest macabre project built on my apartment balcony.I made it myself using hand tools, a sander and spray paint. Well ... the antique coffin handles are the real deal. So if you suspected that I was crazy before this should help to confirm your suspicions.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hallowe'en at the Wine Store

Yes, those *are* wine bottles. :-) Check out the awesome display I helped make at work today with two other colleagues. We've got it all: witches, vampires, mummies, and Frankenstein himself! Not to mention the bats and creepy graveyard scene (Copper Moon trees included at no extra charge).

Only 12 more days until the High Holy Holiday is upon us! What are *you* going to dress up as???

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Corpse Bride Cake

Corpse Bride Tim Burton Wedding Cake Gothic

Corpse Bride Wedding Cake

It looks too good to eat. I'd just laquer it and keep it forever.

[Link to the Pink Cake Box]

Weird skulls

The Weird Andover Vampire Skull.

This skull was reportedly found nailed shut in a wooden box in an attic in the 1950s. Read more about this, and other weird skulls at

[Link to aquiziam]

Human bones

Cute, eh?

Need to stock up on a few bones? The Bone Room caters for all of your skeleton buying needs. The cute guy above sells for only $2,000.

[Link to The Bone Room]

How much is your body worth?

My price.

Are you worth more than me? Find out at cadaverforsale's site below.

[Link to cadaverforsale]

My Preeeeecious!

Life-sized Gollum statue.

I wants. Be nice in my dark, dank, house, yesshhhhh? Gets for me pleeease.

[Link to eBay auction]