Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Spooktacular!

Sideshow Toy's 2011 Spooktacular event runs 24 hours a day from October 24th through to Halloween. It is an annual event that has fun, free stuff, offers, contests and the opportunity to converse with people who also like movie characters, monsters, and collectibles. At the time of this writing, there is 24 days left until it starts. Bookmark the link below and check back regularly for updates.

In addition, Sideshow Toys offers a Spooktacular readyness kit each year, containing a variety of goodies, usually at a vastly reduced price. This year's kit contains: a coffee mug, coffee, wristband, tote bag, calendar, gift card, and a Mort zombie plushie!!

The 2011 Spooktacular Readyness Kit

Sleep is for the Weak!

[Link to Spooktacular countdown]

[Link to Spooktacular Readyness Kit]

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten

In the great tradition of Edward Gorey and Charles Addams, Katy Towell writes macabre stories about children. Unlike them, however, she has her own You Tube channel.

Be sure to check out her website below.

[Link to Katy Towell's website: Childrin R Skary]

Monster Mash

Foreign poster for The Abyss (1917).

For all you monster-lovers out there: check out this tumblr site... it has a really cool collection of monster pictures, posters, art, etc.

[Link to Monster Crazy]

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

I knew there was a logical explanation!

[via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

50 *Unexplainable* B&W Photos

A collection of strange or/and inexplicable B&W photos from Black & WTF, compiled by Matt Stopera.

[Link to photos]

[via Black & WTF]

What are we going to wear...??

Spider web and Red & black lace corset dresses that New Year's Eve party? (I'm looking at you, misspulga...) Problem solved!!! I came across these fabulous dresses in Glamtastik's shop on Etsy. She makes fancy corset dresses for all occasions. Anyway, I'd like to celebrate my 605th New Year in style. That's right, I'm 604 years old, and I can rock a corset dress!

[Link to Glamtastik's shop]

[via Etsy]

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

And if they get me and the sun...goes down into the ground, and if they get me take this spike to my heart, and...and if they get me and the sun...goes down...and if they get me take this put the spike in my heart!!!

And if the sun comes up will it tear the skin right off our bones, and razor sharp white teeth rip out our necks, I saw you there...someone get me to the doctor, sometone get me to a church, where. they. can. pump. this. venom, gaping hole...and you, must keep your soul, like a secret in your throat...and if they come and get me...what put the spike in my heart!!!

And if they get me and the sun...goes down. And if they get me take this spike...and....Come on!

Can you take this spike? Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless...night. time. sky? Can you take this spike? Will it wash away this jet black feeling?

And now the nightclub...sets the stage for this...they come in pairs, she said...we'll shoot back holy water like cheap whiskey, they're always there...someone get me to the doctor, and someone call the nurse...and...someone buy me roses, and...someone burned the church....we're, hanging out with corpses, and driving in this hearse....and...someone save my soul tonight...please. save. my soul!!!

Can you take this spike? Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless...night. time. sky? Can you take this spike? Will it wash away this jet. black. now?? (Let's go! C'mon!)

And as these days watch over time, and as these days watch over time...and as these days watch over us tonight...And as these days watch over time, and as these days watch over time and as these days watch...o-ver us tonight!

I'll never let them, I'll never let them...I'll never let them hurt you, not tonight...I'll never let them, I can't forget them...I'll never let them hurt you, I promise...

Struck down, be-fore...our prime...before, you got off the floor! Can you stake my heart? Can you stake my heart?

Can you stake my heart? Can you stake my heart? (And these thoughts of endless night...bring us back into the light...and this venom from my heart...)

Can you stake my heart? Can you stake my heart? (And these thoughts of endless night...bring us back into the light...kill this venom from my heart...)

Can you....stake sun...goes...down...?

(And as always, innocent like roller coasters...fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have no idea what you're up against...because I've seen what they look like...becoming perfect as if they were sterling silver chainsaws going cascading...)

Vampires Will Never Hurt You, by My Chemical Romance off their debut album "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love". Full credit to both the band and Eyeball Records.

The inspiration for this post was the lyrics of the song...they are fantastic!

[Link to MCR's official website]

[Link to Eyeball Records' website]

Zombie Balls!

Zombie Bowling Heads by Jung von Matt.

We seem to be on a zombie kick lately (:-D), so I thought I'd offer up something too.

Behold... Zombie Balls! No, not that kind!!! To be anatomically correct, they are actually "Zombie Bowling Heads".

Sadly not for sale, these functional works of art work were created by German designer Jung von Matt to promote a new sci-fi/horror TV channel in Germany called "13th Street". Follow the link below to see more pics and a video.

And yes... heads will roll.

[Link to video and pictures]

[via Über Review]

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Fashion Tuesday, Y'all!

Ribs Black Swimsuit by Black Milk Clothing.

Black Milk makes some amazing clothes... I especially enjoy their leggings. Check out this epic swimsuit (and more) on their website - see link below.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Art Deco 'Coffin' Currently Up For Auction

These beauties are currently up for auction on-line and I sooo want this but just can't purchase every freaking curio that I stumble upon! It's an original 1920's French cigarette case. This rare piece is nicknamed by collectors as the 'Coffin Girls' . Although it's not Victorian it would sooo fit in with my esoteric collection. Besides ... I have always had a weakness for Art Deco items as well as Vic. If i bought it I would name the ladies after misspulga & The Vampire... Hahaha!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Skull

A cool skull I recently picked up.

These shoes also rule!

Zombie Stomper Platforms

Shoes for misspulga. Zombie shoes!! These glow in the dark!!! They come in so many rad colours. I also thought it would be fitting to sandwich the Kelly video with shoes that rule! These heels are designed by Iron Fist, and they have many more awesome shoes on their website. Let's get 'em, indeed!

Gimme Those Shoes, Betch!

A Sunday with Kelly. How à propos given the Vampire's most recent post. Liam Sullivan is a comedic genius... We are not worthy.

Now gimme those shoes, betch! >:-)

Check out Liam's other material by following the link below, and watch for more Kelly antics here on SSWC!

[Link to the Liam Show]

Shoes. Vampire shoes. Let's get 'em!

Spellbound Vampire Shoes

These fabulous heels are featured on many different costume websites (type "vampire shoes" into Google). They feature patent leather and black floral lace on red satin. I love the bat wing detail. I'd absolutely wear them on days/evenings other than Hallowe'en!

New Age Goth: You're Doing It Wrong

Oh, Aqua... You should have stayed in the '90s where you belonged, with "I'm a Barbie Girl". That song was annoying, but at least it was catchy. This... well, um... eck. :-S

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Josh Ramsay at night! (according to The Vampire's post below)

Sideshow Toys version of Nosferatu

Own your own Nosferatu for only US$235. The exclusive version comes with a switch-out head so you can have him bald (as in the picture above), or with hat. Check out the "gallery" tab after clicking on the link below.

[Link to Sideshow Toy's Nosferatu]

Quote of the Day

"Also, I'm nosferatu so that helps. Nosferatu is a classy way to say vampire. Either way you wanna say it, I can't be killed by conventional weapons."

~ Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench, via Twitter, on songwriting at all hours of the night.

It appears as if Mr. Ramsay and I have more in common than I originally thought!

Curious Coasters

Comes in Toadstool Clippings and Petrified Butterfly too.

From lunaclaydesign of etsy comes these vintage designed coasters. I'm not sure about putting "fur of werewolf" in my cooking. Brings to mind a serious dental floss session.

[Link to lunaclaydesign on etsy]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A&C Meet Frankenstein (and Dracula, Werewolf etc)

Best comedy / monster flick ever! Packed with classic appearances including Bella Lugosi as Dracula (of course), Glenn Strange as the Frankenstein Monster, the immortal Lon Chaney Jr as the Wolfman and a cameo with Vincent Price as the Invisible Man. A true classic.

Get one for your living room

Werewolf statue designed by Tom Spina

Close likeness of me, but not quite. I'd love to have one, but at US$7000, I don't think so.

[Link to Tom Spina Designs]

A Lone Werewolf Favourite: Wolf, like me (heh)

You know you want it!

Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth. Buy the bust or see the action figure

[Link to Buy the Bust]

[Link to See the action figure]

Saturday, September 17, 2011

These brains...Need more flavour...

Sammy and Seymour

Zombie salt and pepper shakers! And yes, they have names. Created by Undead Ed, on Etsy! Undead Ed's shop has all kinds of zombie-inspired items, from housewares, to toys, piggy banks, jewelry, and yes, even light-switch plates! Mmmm...braaaains.

[Link to Undead Ed's shop]

[via Etsy]

Friday, September 16, 2011

Steampunk Stereoview Stand

Ricvictorian has been busy little beaver lately.

I put together this silver stand for my Stereoviewer.
I think it looks alot more 'Steampunk' now !

Stained Glass Is Nice But Bats Are Better

I could have hanged some 'fancy schmancy' stained glass in the window but Bats are better ... don't you think ?

1800's Bronze Skull

Hola amigos! Just recieved this 1800's Bronze Skull in the mail today.It is a Walking Stick Top all the way from Sheffield, England.I'm especially gratified as it's bigger and heaver than I expected.What to do with it ... mount it on a stick or display it in the curio cabinet hmmm...what's your opinion?

The Vampire's Rings

Black Diamonds are a Vampire's best friend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Vampire's Wishlist: Bat-inspired Electric Guitar

Rocking-bat Guitar

This electric is absolutely gorgeous! A must-have for sure, found on Ed Roman Guitar's website among all kinds of wicked, fancy, custom guitars. Rock-star epic!

[Link to page with Rocking-bat guitar]

[Link to Ed Roman Guitar's website]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fruit Skulls

Green apple fruit skull by Dimitri Tsykalov.

I am totally inspired right now to create some edible art...

Check out more epic fruit *and* veggie skulls by clicking on the link below.

[Link to Dimitri Tsykalov's fruit and veggie skulls]

[via Juxtapoz]

It's Fashion Tuesday!

Hypertrophy Heels by Kermit Tesoro.

Skull Heels Boots by Kermit Tesoro.

Only Lady Gaga could truly do these justice...

Check out more styles in Kermit Tesoro's online store after the jump.

[Link to Kermit Tesoro's website]

The Tale of Marianas Trench and The Vampire

Josh: Where am I? How did I get in this cage? Why are there zombies everywhere? This is not good...not good at all.

Josh: Oh, hang on...this cage isn't locked! Maybe I'm not as screwed as I thought I was. And I can totally out-run these walking corpses!! Or out-dance them...using my moves from the Shaketramp music video! Yeah, that's a good plan.

Mike: ~Lurches forward, leading with hook-handed arm failing about~ Raaaaamsaaayyyy...
Matt: ~Looking somewhat mummified, staggering towards Josh~ Brraaaaaaaiiiinnnss...
Ian: ~Completes the trio~ Mmmm....orrrrrgannnnss....

Josh: Uhh...guys? You're not looking so hot... ~Shudder~ Why do I get the feeling I'm never getting out of here? It's so dark. Can someone direct me to the exit?

The Vampire: ~Appears out of nowhere~ Hello there, Josh. I am The Vampire. Welcome to my humble abode. I'm glad you were able to find the address. How do you like my friends?

Josh: Oh! Hey there, Vampire. Yeah,'s not really my kind of crowd. And just to get it out there, I don't think you'd want to suck my blood probably tastes like Coke Zero because that's pretty much all I drink. So, catch you later? Maybe without zombies?

The Vampire: I'd like my Marianas Trench quartet to be complete....You're mine, Ramsay!

Josh: Aaaaahhhhh! Don't eat me, seriously!!! I've still gotta finish the new record, Ever After!

~And as The Vampire ordered, all the zombies converge upon Josh, his fate to be decided later~


Alright, so The Vampire on this blog is a bit of a Marianas Trench fan. The Vampire in Marianas Trench's new video for their latest single "Haven't Had Enough" is actually played by Darla Taylor, and I don't think she's meant to be a vampire; perhaps a Zombie Queen? This section about zombies is actually only a fraction of the video; the rest contains bits about the band's adventures in Paris, Egypt, on a Pirate Ship, and in Toy Land. You can check out the video on either of the links below! Full credit to Marianas Trench for all the awesome ideas for the video and so forth. Zombie Pirates are the best!!!!!

[Link to music video for Haven't Had Enough]

[Link to Marianas Trench's Official Website]