Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tale of Marianas Trench and The Vampire

Josh: Where am I? How did I get in this cage? Why are there zombies everywhere? This is not good...not good at all.

Josh: Oh, hang on...this cage isn't locked! Maybe I'm not as screwed as I thought I was. And I can totally out-run these walking corpses!! Or out-dance them...using my moves from the Shaketramp music video! Yeah, that's a good plan.

Mike: ~Lurches forward, leading with hook-handed arm failing about~ Raaaaamsaaayyyy...
Matt: ~Looking somewhat mummified, staggering towards Josh~ Brraaaaaaaiiiinnnss...
Ian: ~Completes the trio~ Mmmm....orrrrrgannnnss....

Josh: Uhh...guys? You're not looking so hot... ~Shudder~ Why do I get the feeling I'm never getting out of here? It's so dark. Can someone direct me to the exit?

The Vampire: ~Appears out of nowhere~ Hello there, Josh. I am The Vampire. Welcome to my humble abode. I'm glad you were able to find the address. How do you like my friends?

Josh: Oh! Hey there, Vampire. Yeah,'s not really my kind of crowd. And just to get it out there, I don't think you'd want to suck my blood probably tastes like Coke Zero because that's pretty much all I drink. So, catch you later? Maybe without zombies?

The Vampire: I'd like my Marianas Trench quartet to be complete....You're mine, Ramsay!

Josh: Aaaaahhhhh! Don't eat me, seriously!!! I've still gotta finish the new record, Ever After!

~And as The Vampire ordered, all the zombies converge upon Josh, his fate to be decided later~


Alright, so The Vampire on this blog is a bit of a Marianas Trench fan. The Vampire in Marianas Trench's new video for their latest single "Haven't Had Enough" is actually played by Darla Taylor, and I don't think she's meant to be a vampire; perhaps a Zombie Queen? This section about zombies is actually only a fraction of the video; the rest contains bits about the band's adventures in Paris, Egypt, on a Pirate Ship, and in Toy Land. You can check out the video on either of the links below! Full credit to Marianas Trench for all the awesome ideas for the video and so forth. Zombie Pirates are the best!!!!!

[Link to music video for Haven't Had Enough]

[Link to Marianas Trench's Official Website]


  1. Hmmmmm ... well I watched the video and think the video and song are pretty good. I thought that Darla Taylor was a perfect Vampire / Zombie Queen. Don't know anything about her and am going to Google her as she is QUITE sexy!'Marianas Trench' ... great name for a band!

  2. Yeah, this is the first I've ever heard of her, too. I think she did a great job!