Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Vampire Favourite: My Chemical Romance

Helena Live (MTV Studio session)

I wanted to post about this band for a long time - My Chemical Romance. They've been a favourite of mine since 2004. They come from New Jersey, their music is awesome, and the storyline for the music video for their hit single Helena is about the most EPIC funeral ever!

Above is a video for a live version of the song they did for MTV (I want Gerard's "Revenge" bracelet!!!), and below I've posted a link to the official music video (because MCR doesn't allow embedding of their official media). Check it out!!! I've also posted a link to the band's website. All rights for everything go to MCR. Love them!

[Link to Helena - Official Video]

[Link to My Chemical Romance's Official Website]


  1. Ricvictorian commented:
    COOL! I will scrutinize your links.
    The best funeral ever? Hmmm ...
    There have been some pretty Epic funerals
    in the past! A 1960's person named Dusty Springfield comes to mind and a few others.
    Well ... anyone famous can have a picturesque funeral I suppose. But the hard core \ gothic one have occured but getting footage or pictures is really hard to find. Good Job Vampire!

  2. Ricvictorian commented:
    Ooops meant Hard core/ gothic ""one's""

  3. I had a look at coverage of Dusty Springfield's funeral online...and other than the hearse (which is lovely) Helena's funeral, in my opinion, is superior. Then again, it's not an entirely fair comparison, because My Chemical Romance's music video features a funeral for a fictional woman. A funeral this theatrical and grandiose for a real "celebrity" would be quite rare, I think.

  4. Ricvictorian commented:
    I agree Vampire ... it was an epic video. I just thought it was cool that Dusty chose a horse drawn hearse ahead of time.
    I also really like the funeral video by Amy Winehouse 'Back to Black'