Monday, September 12, 2011

Coffin Couch - Redux!

Who's Yo Daddy? Jesse James' hideous lilac-colored coffin couch.

So you all probably remember [VonErickson's original coffin couch design] from a previous post I wrote... Very classy and elegant. Behold! It now comes in a pimpin' Jersey Shore version too (not created or endorsed by VonErickson). I can just imagine The Situation gettin' it on with a corpse... All that's missing are a few Ed Hardy emblems, and voilà! Bob's your dead uncle. If this couch had a velvet or leather interior - and if another color scheme was used, however, we *could* have ourselves a winner.

It is *très* unfortunate that both Kat Von D and Jesse James own one... I suppose we are just part of a larger Venn Diagram in which our awesome bubble is overlapping with theirs... *shudder*.

Has anyone else come across "coffin couches" they'd like to share? Do check out the link below for much nicer looking versions of the model featured in this post.

[Link to Coffin Couches website]

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