Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Connection to the Titanic

My name is Jocelyn Woodcock (b. 1955). My Mom's name is Barbara Jordan (b. 1925). My Grandmother's name is Anna Thompson Scott Palmer (1902 - 1988) and her Dad's name is Robert Scott Palmer (1869 - 1958). My great grandfather, Robert Palmer, was a brass moulder for Harland and Wolff in Belfast and he worked with his crew on the Titanic. He also made brass embellishments for his household and it was my Grandmother, Anna's job, every week to polish the letter slot in the door, the door knob and the brass kick-plate. When my Grandmother was almost 10 years old, Great Granddad took her to see the launch of the Titanic. Grandmother said she couldn't see much as she was standing directly behind two ladies in dark clothing with large coats and skirts. Prior to that, her Dad took her on board and she had a little tour of the ship, so she was only mildly disappointed. When I was a youngster (1966 - 1967), there was a TV show called 'The Time Tunnel'. Grandmother was at the house 'babysitting' me and we were watching the show. The episode was about the Titanic. At the beginning of the show there was a shot of a brass plaque and Grandmother blanched. She said it was exactly as she remembered seeing it on the ship and 'How would they know what it looked like?' she had wondered. I have a brass dish that my Great Granddad made; he brought it home because it was a 'second' (there is a small hole in it). My Grandmother and then my Mother always had it on their dressers with pins and other small items sitting in it. I have it sitting up on a little stand. It has herons and what looks like bamboo on it as a decoration. My Mom told me to never polish it. Perhaps something on the Titanic resembled it?