Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Talking Gypsy Arcade 1906

Just saw a story about this oddity on the news. It's an awsome Talking Gypsy Arcade Machine. Found in Montanna it was made in 1906 and is one-of-a-kind. I WANT it! Too bad it's worth over 3 million and could sell for as high as 10!

[Link to Talking Gypsy Arcade]

Monday, August 29, 2011

misspulga's June Visitor

Francis: arachnid with egg sac.

Misspulga had a visitor drop by her apartment this past June. The very rotund-looking spider, Francis, showed up one day and Misspulga decided to keep it under glass as an interesting specimen to show Vampire next time the two met up. Time passed, and Francis ended up giving birth to a lovely egg sac! Upon meeting, Vampire and Misspulga, thinking arachnids are incredibly fascinating, took some pictures before the glass containing Francis and the egg sac was placed outside in some tall grass. Shortly after being released, Francis and the egg sac were attacked by an army of ants. Definitely not a Hollywood ending.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Amazing Liquor Bottles, Part II

More epic liquor bottles and labels from Michigan:


Amazing Liquor Bottles, Part I

Somehow visiting the LCBO now seems awfully bland after seeing these liquor bottles and labels in Michigan...


Friday, August 19, 2011

~Treasure Hunt~ by: el Presidente

The subject of this post actually began around 1960. I was a little kid and the family was at the cottage. My Grandmother dug around in her change purse and handed my brother and I each a quarter. A quarter could get you a comic book and a pop and a little brown bag overflowing with penny candy. I sat on the front step of the cottage and contemplated how I was going to spend all that money. I had the quarter in my hand and I was sort of fooling around with it... too late! I watched in horror as it slipped out of my hand, rolled along the concrete step and neatly disappeared down the crack between the step and the front of the cottage. I was horrified. I felt foolish. And... I never forgot that my quarter was resting beneath the front step of the cottage.

Now we come to the summer of 2011 and my brother owns the cottage and he was getting it ready for demolition. Did I want anything from the cottage? Well... there was one thing. My quarter!

I tried with a pry bar to dig at the rotten wood at the front of the cottage. I wasn't making much progress. Then my husband agreed to help and brought in the heavy artillery. He used a 'Sawz-All' and a huge pry bar and dismantled the front of the cottage and broke up the step. Now all I had to do was search.

My daughter, who loved the story of the quarter, wanted to help out. We got to work with a rake and a flashlight and a seive and our hands. I dug up parts of a skull of some sort of rodent, perhaps a groundhog. It had been digging around under there at one point and there was a mound of earth by the step. Then we found an approximately sixty year old juice can and a pristine match box of a similar vintage. Finally, my daughter spotted something and said, "Is this it?" and held up my quarter!

The 1954 Canadian silver quarter had a greenish cast to it and was sort of pitted looking. But overall it looked pretty darn good for being under the step for the last fifty-one years.

The infamous quarter - front view.

The infamous quarter - back view.

El Presidente, enjoying the reunion with her treasure... 51 years later.

I was happy not just that it was found, but that my daughter had found it. It sort of brings the story up-to-date. Now it has moved up a generation. I'm going to get a bezel fitted around it so I can wear it on a necklace. And I can tell the story when anyone asks about it.

Screaming Skull Voodoo Project

This is another project which the Three Angels have seen in it's early stages. Pictured is the finished product. Again 'Revamped' (I like that word revamped!) now with an antique pin cushion, shorter stick pins and a forth Skull added for effect. Reminds me of the old black and white Jungle movies where the head hunters would mount skulls on poles to ward off intruders. Beware! I can just hear those Voodoo Drums pounding!

Victoria: Queen Of Goth

This is an old 'significant dates of Queen Victoria's life' coin display of mine upon which I have recently 'revamped'.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Secret Society Skull Pins

Greetings All ...

Just posting a recent fraternity (Secret Society) skull pin aquisition at waaay lower than the average going price. Two Gold Skulls and one that is just kinda goth.

The piece enamelled 'ONE' is a version that I have wanted since I first discovered these esoteric pins. They are really tiny but very detailed. Ricvictorian likes tiny curio's though and is a happy camper.
Anxious to show them to the 'Dark Angels Three' in person!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street...Jack-o-Lantern!

He shaved the faces of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard of again.

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd! An original carving by The Vampire circa Hallowe'en 2008. Thanks to Johnny Depp and Tim Burton for inspiration!

[Link to Sweeney Todd Official Movie Site]

Friday, August 5, 2011

Paint It Black

One of my favorite songs.
Cool video too.
Click on link.

[Link to The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black]

The Addams Family 1964 TV Show

Ricvictorian's favorite TV show ever!

Some Dental Anatomy

Specimen of skull with tooth replacement process in progress

We all go through the process of our "baby" teeth falling out, and our "adult" teeth growing in. Check out the link below for more pictures of this fascinating anatomical specimen!

[Link to more pictures]

[via Today I Learned Something New]

Dark, Romantic Dinner Venue

The Vampire Cafe, its interior, and a delicious dinner item.

Looking for a great place to take your loved one for a romantic dinner or a nice evening out? If the Gothic style suits you, The Vampire Cafe in the Ginza district in Tokyo, Japan is the perfect venue. The red-and-black colour scheme, coffins, ornate candelabras, and skulls provide the ambiance. The theme is carried right through to the meal on your plate. What an interesting and memorable experience!

[Link to more pictures of The Vampire Cafe]

[via Damn Cool Pictures]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

~Hot Diggity Dawg~ by: el Presidente

This is a true story about my good buddy, Bub the dog. Bub lived with me for sixteen years. He loved me and my family but didn't get along too well with other people and especially other dogs. He was a huge part of my life and I loved him and I miss him still.

When Bub died, he died at my parent's cottage, so that is where I buried him. It was a difficult weekend; due to the heat I lost not only him but three pet rats. But that is another story. Over the years there was a little garden that my Mom planted on his grave, known as 'Bub's Garden'. As time passed, the landscape was more or less left to nature.

Years later, my parents gave the cottage to my brother Richard and me and ultimately Richard bought my share from me. One day he disclosed a plan to tear down the old cottage and build a new one. What, if anything, did I want to do about Bub's remains in the back garden?

In no time at all I decided that the only thing I could do was go and get Bub. My daughter wouldn't let me do it by myself... she definitely wanted to attend.

The prospects of finding the actual grave looked pretty bleak. Nothing looked the same any more - it was about fifteen years since he had died. I put myself back into the past and tried my best to landmark the site. I started to dig. In a couple of shovel-fulls of sand, I had Bub's skull looking up at me. I recognized his toothy grin right away.

My daughter and I were ecstatic. Here now was all that was left of Bub - his bones. We carefully rounded up his earthly remains and put them into a green garbage bag and then into a cardboard box. Bub was part pit bull and part collie and he would have been a medium sized dog in life. There wasn't much left of him now!

I took the box home and put it in my office and there it stayed for quite some time. I didn't know what to do with it and I wanted to explore my options. I thought about cremating his remains, reburying his remains and reconstructing his remains. Em did have one good idea I considered and that was to have a 'reliquary', with a curtain that opens up and a light that goes on. I don't think I'll ever talk my husband into that one... ever. But I felt oddly at peace with him right where he was. So... much to my husband's consternation... I still have Bub in the house. I don't want him to know exactly where because he does make noise like he wants to oust Bub once and for all. All I can tell you is, 'he has my back'.

Screaming Skull Movie 1958

Cool movie poster from the 1958 b&w movie 'Screaming Skull'. I LOVE old 1930's to 60's horror flicks. The title Screaming Skull is cool but the movie was not that great. Good for a laugh though. One of Ricvictorian's favorite scary movies is the epic 'White Zombie' starring the immortal Bela Lugosi in 1932!

Alternative Taxidermy

Mouse skull spheres, by Alastair Mackie.

Art + Taxidermy = EPICNESS! More photos after the jump.

[Link to article & photos]

[via Don't Panic]

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Nerd humor. Yuk yuk yuk! :-D

[Link to: Best of Chemistry Cat]

[via BuzzFeed]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I See You...

The Pale Man

The Pale Man is a monstrosity from Guillermo Del Toro's Oscar Award-Winning film Pan's Labyrinth. His diet consists entirely of children. Despite the odd anatomical positioning of his eyes, his vision is 20/20.

Check out the film's official website - the creatures in this movie make it worth seeing!

Abandoned Morgues

Morgue at Cambridge Military Hospital, UK. Photo Copyright Don Kiddick.

O-M-G. This is almost too much to handle! Decaying morgues. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

[via Environmental Graffiti]

Keith Richards Infamous Skull Ring

This is a cool skull ring that true Rolling Stones fans know is one of Keith's long time embellishments. Ric snagged a big heavy sterling silver replica many moons ago and wears it proudly all of the time. Hope people don't think that i'm a biker ... Ikes! I'm just a skull fan ... hence the affiliation with our most esteemed Screaming Skulls W.C. Love and Peace ... RIC

The Most Fantastic Sneakers!

Edward Scissorhands Sneakers by Yoa Kustoms

When artistry, Edward Scissorhands, and sneakers collide. Complete with grommets, buckles, and actual shards of mirror; the insoles are made of plastic grass trimmed to perfection. Love it. I'm sure Tim Burton does too.

Postcards to the Future

In the year 2000, everyone would have their own personal dirigible.

Check out these neat postcards from the German chocolate company Hildebrand, circa 1900. They depict predictions of the future - the year 2000 to be exact. Some are bang-on, while others are quite laughable. All in all, a delightful collection.

[Link to postcards]

[via Paleofuture]

Witchcraft Market in Mexico

Random crania at the Sonora Witchcraft Market in Mexico.

Road trip, anyone? :-D

[Link to more pics of the market]

[via Damn Cool Pictures]

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Таинственные Икс–лучи!

Image Copyright Юрий Шпаковский (Yuri Shpakovsky).

It doesn't matter if you can't understand Russian... you gotta check out this website for it's awesome x-ray photography!

(The title of this post means something along the lines of "Mysterious X-Rays", by the way.) ;-)

[Link to Yuri Shpakovsky's website]

Lady Gaga Meets Vishnu of Death

Image Copyright Jasper Goodall.

Fantastique! Très “haute couture”…

[Link to photo source]

Skull & Crossbones Mourning Ring Dated 1819

Pictured is a very rare Victorian 'Memento Mori' mourning ring I have noticed selling on-line. It has woven hair of the deceased within the crystal dome along with two silver Skull & Crossbones. Around the crystal gallery are deep blue Sapphires. The shank is inlaid with black enamel. See the inscribing inside the ring! I have two such rings but nowhere near as detailed as this one. Probably the sweetest Mourning Ring I have ever seen. Unfortunately I dont have $2,400 bucks as Mourning Curios are my favorite passion.

The Art of Ben Cuevas

Knitted Skeleton by Ben Cuevas.

Follow the link to check out more pics of Ben Cuevas' multimedia art exhibition! Simply amazing.

[Link to Ben Cuevas' website]

~Bat Influence~ by: el Presidente

Sunday, July 31, 2011 was a quiet night at the Woodcock's. I was busy sorting buttons (before you knock it... it's very therapeutic...) when a bat started whizzing around in the den. I'm not sure how he/she got in, but I am assuming it was through a loose screen in one of the den's windows.

I immediately shut the French doors and sized up the situation. This bat looked to be very healthy and rather large. It definitely didn't look like a Little Brown Bat which is common to this area. I decided to put some gloves on.

For half an hour to forty minutes I jumped around in the den. It looked like I was playing a good game of 'something' on the Wii! I wanted the bat to fly continually, hoping to tire it out. Once in awhile it would cling with its teeny tiny bat feet to the books in the bookcase, swooping up to land and popping its cute little head up, beady eyes sizing me up. I also tried swatting it with my gloved hand while it was in flight, actually making contact on a few occasions.

Finally, it landed on the floor. People have told me that bats can't take flight once they are on the floor. Uh, wrong! In less than a second it was up and flying again. This happened a few times. It was on the floor when I quickly put a blanket over it. I thought I had the little guy! No such luck! Off we went again!

After much sweating and swatting (me) and flying and diving (bat), the bat made a crash landing on to my button tray! Thanks a bunch, you little terrorist! I threw a blanket over it and attempted to pick it up. It started to vibrate with all its might, just like a little cell phone! And you should have heard the squeaking (read: bat swearing)!

I took the bat out on to the front porch and opened the blanket. He/she looked quizzically around and then flew off into the night. Goodbye my little buddy! Don't come back inside!

Coffin Couch!

VonErickson's Original Coffin Couch.

The Vampire says: "Wow! Start the coffin couch fund! Seriously."

And el Presidente replies: "El Presidente wants! If this was a cult I would force you guys into hard labour just so I could get this. But it's a club, so I can't force you, but if you want to please me, you could all chip in and then you could come over to my house and sit on it..."

This coffin couch was beautifully crafted by Peter Von Erickson in New York. And the price is, *ahem*, $4,900 USD... so start saving your pennies! It'll totally be worth it. ;-)

[Link to VonErickson's shop]

[via Etsy]