Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hallowe'en at the Wine Store

Yes, those *are* wine bottles. :-) Check out the awesome display I helped make at work today with two other colleagues. We've got it all: witches, vampires, mummies, and Frankenstein himself! Not to mention the bats and creepy graveyard scene (Copper Moon trees included at no extra charge).

Only 12 more days until the High Holy Holiday is upon us! What are *you* going to dress up as???

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Corpse Bride Cake

Corpse Bride Tim Burton Wedding Cake Gothic

Corpse Bride Wedding Cake

It looks too good to eat. I'd just laquer it and keep it forever.

[Link to the Pink Cake Box]

Weird skulls

The Weird Andover Vampire Skull.

This skull was reportedly found nailed shut in a wooden box in an attic in the 1950s. Read more about this, and other weird skulls at

[Link to aquiziam]

Human bones

Cute, eh?

Need to stock up on a few bones? The Bone Room caters for all of your skeleton buying needs. The cute guy above sells for only $2,000.

[Link to The Bone Room]

How much is your body worth?

My price.

Are you worth more than me? Find out at cadaverforsale's site below.

[Link to cadaverforsale]

My Preeeeecious!

Life-sized Gollum statue.

I wants. Be nice in my dark, dank, house, yesshhhhh? Gets for me pleeease.

[Link to eBay auction]

The Beast of Bray Road

The beast feasting

Time for another werewolf-related link. Have you heard of the Beast of Bray Road? It is a creature that has been spotted in the U.S. that by all accounts resembles a werewolf. Check out more information at the following links.

[Link to The Cryptid Zoo's Beast page]

[Link to Beast of Bray Road Site]

Monday, October 17, 2011

A kitchen for the dead

Have you been looking for that elusive cabinetry? Look no further...

The coffin breakfast bar

Part of the coffin kitchen collection at Coffin It Up. Check out photos of more of this wacky kitchen, and other coffin-related goodies on their website. Dead meat platter anyone?

[Link to Coffin It Up]

Need some armour... for your finger?

Devil Skeleton Finger Armour

Or an interesting new bracelet?

Vamp Bangle Bracelet

Deadly Friendship Bracelet

Check out DragonWeave Jewelry after the jump to see more in their line of bracelets, chokers & chains, earrings & earcuffs, slave bracelets & handflowers, charms & pendants, rings, and of course finger armour! Shop now and get $5 off.

[Link to DragonWeave Jewelry]

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gorgeous Red and Black Cake with...Butterflies!

Red and Black wedding cake

Okay, so technically this is a wedding cake. However, it's only got two tiers and it's super unique (just a bit dark...but not too dark). I'd have this as my birthday cake any year! Thank you, Cakeadelic, for dreaming up such an awesome cake. Mmmm...sugar butterflies!

[Link to Cakeadelic's website]

Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Noodly Master Transforms Himself Into Glass!!!

Vitralucis pastafarensis ramen, by Dylan Kehde Roelofs.

Fellow Pastafarians: Our Noodly Master (may bouillon be upon Him) has graced us with His holy presence by transforming Himself into a glass sculpture! He has spoken through the prophet Dylan Kehde Roelofs, and utilized this master craftsman's talents to descend upon us in etherial form. Bless this holy day... Ramen.

[Link to Dylan Kehde Roelofs website]

Who is Rick Genest?

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

Lady Gaga Remix for Mugler Fashion Show

Well, he's Canadian... that's for starters. Born and raised in Quebec, Rick started his tattoo journey at the age of 16. Now 26, he's spent $17,000 (and counting) on his body art, which now covers more than 80% of his body. His friends nick-named him "Zombie Boy" for obvious reasons.

In January 2011, Lady Gaga's personal stylist - and the creative director of famed Paris fashion house Thierry Mugler - Nicole Formichetti, came across a photo of Rick on the interwebz and the rest is history. She flew him out to Paris to model in the Mugler men's fashion show, and offered him a cameo spot in Lady Gaga's music video for "Born This Way".

Since then, Rick was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records for "the most insects tattooed on the human body (178)" and "the most bones inked on a human body (138)".

He is currently enjoying a bit of a cult following, but according to his website he has "very little desire for material wealth". Instead, he "believes in maintaining his strong relationships and hopes that one day he will be able to give back to his friends back home all that they have given him." Sounds like a decent bloke. :-) Check out Rick's website after the jump.

[Link to Rick Genest's website]

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Original Horror Hostess and Morticia: Maila Nurmi

Greeting my fellow Wierdlings! It's been dreadfully quiet lately! Are you all dead? Why didn't you invite me?

Anyhow I watched a most interesting documentary about Maila Nurmi. One of the fascinating mentions was that in 1953 she based her 'Vampira' movie career and Horror Hostess character on the New Yorker cartoons of Charles Addams namely Morticia Addams. I have included the Wikipedia link but there is so much more and would encourage anyone interested in Horror History to Google a few of her images and videos. R.I.P. Malia.

[Link to Wikipedia entry on Malia Nurmi]

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Anatomical Home Decor: Spine Candle Holders

I came across these beautiful spine candleholders while browsing Anatomology's shop on Etsy, which also has other anatomical pieces (jewelry, etc.). These resin candle holders are the perfect accessory for the dinner tables of chiropractors, human biologists, doctors of medicine, neurologists, and people who just love spines! Pictured above is the white version, but they can also come in an antique finish! Super cool!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rick's Poison Bottle Display

Well, after living here for almost two years I have finally gotten around to building a unit upon which I can display my poison/narcotic bottle collection! Most of the bottles date back to the Victorian era and all are over 100 years old. One could purchase any of these notorious concoctions over the counter at any Apothecary store! Regards ... Ricvictorian. P.S. There is an open invitation to all Screaming Skulls members to visit my humble abode inspired by the ADDAMS FAMILY anytime!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SSWC Botany: Carnivorous Plants

Isn't nature fascinating? :-)

Above is a video from BBC Earth that you may remember called The Secret Life of Plants. It features the Venus Fly Trap and also the Trumpet Pitcher Plant capturing and devouring their respective prey (unfortunately no time lapse insect digestion), while Sir David Attenborough narrates. You can visit the BBC Earth websites below for more stunning natural history videos!

My favourite Venus Fly Trap video is actually done by BBC One, and I've provided the link below as well for even more detailed, insectivorous glory!

[Link to Venus Fly Traps: Jaws of Death - BBC One video]

[Link to the BBC Earth website]

[Link to BBC Earth on Youtube]


Bat? Gargoyle? Either way, awesome.

Behold The Vampire's pumpkin carving endeavour from Hallowe'en 2010. Don't you just love the adorable little fangs?

The Vampire is currently accepting ideas for Hallowe'en Jack-o-Lantern 2011. Post your suggestions in the comments...your idea could inspire the next Vampire original pumpkin carving!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

~ Fan(g)tastic ~ By: el Presidente

It's odd, but there is no rationale when it comes to things we really, really like or are passionate about. I have always been in love with rodents. I like things with fur on them. I am extremely fond of scissors. I can't pass up a good children's book. And I've always wanted a set of fangs.

It so happens that a very good friend of mine works in the lab for a denturist. My friend told me that she had a pair of fangs custom made for her a long time ago and that a few people (including a 'lady of the night') had since showed interest in getting 'vampire teeth'. Which also lead to an interesting discussion on 'entertainment names' where you use the name of your first pet as your first name and the first street you lived on as your last name (...hello Bootsie Cherrywood!) and 'voila'; there you have it. But I digress.

I went in to talk about a possible set of fangs and the next thing I knew I was gamely sitting in the denturist's chair getting impressions made, complete with a mouthful of goop. It was as simple as that. Two days later, I went in for my final fitting and I now have a set of fangs that I carry around in my purse in a pill bottle, ready to pop in my mouth on the slightest whim. They are coloured to match my teeth and are quite comfortable to wear.

I do have a slight lisp when I am wearing them. I am trying to teach myself to enunciate properly. I practice in the car. They are quite sharp and my husband keeps cautioning me that I might end up putting a fang through my lip or cheek.

I know we are in the 'Hallowe'en month', but... just like my skull ring and my rat skull necklace and my skeleton pendant, et al... I don't look at the calendar in order to wear and therefore get enjoyment from the stuff that I like. And I don't really think of them as vampire teeth, either. To me they are fangs. For any occassion.

Fashion Tuesday: Black Milk Leggings

Leg Bones Negative Leggings

Blood Splatter (Big) Leggings

Blood Splatter (Big) Leggings Detail

Leg Bones Suspender Leggings

Fashion Tuesday ain't over until 11:59 PM! So I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth... Black Milk, that is! If you can't tell already, they're my favorite company for leggings & more. Check it out:

[Link to Black Milk leggings collection]

Praise His Benevolent Noodliness!

The truth is out! Of course a hemoglobin molecule looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster... there's a little bit of Him in all of us.

Let us say a prayer (taken from the sacred and prophetic Vampire Scriptures):
"May I always be touched by his noodly appendage... Praise his benevolent noodliness. R'amen!"
Now say 40 "Hail Noodlinesses" and we will be one pirate closer to stopping global warming.

[via Totally Looks Like]

Fashion Tuesday: Skeletor Belt

Another gorgeois creation by Delfina Delettrez (a.k.a. Fendi)... Your wardrobe is not complete until you own a Skeletor Belt.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Must-Have Accessory...

... if you are The Vampire.

Vampire Bat Gothic Hand Bag

From ranaway on Etsy comes this interesting, but not so practical, handbag. Also comes in Gothic Spider, Raven Bat, Gothic Skull, and Raven styles - to see these, after the jump click on the "this shop" link, then search for "hand bag"

[Link to ranaway's vampire hand bag]

Screaming Skulls

A screaming skull

The origin of the screaming skull. Read about the history after the jump.

[Link to Mysterious Britain]

Motorcycle Skull Test

Skull tanks

Need some skulls on your ride? Check out the custom airbrush jobs at Bad Ass Paint, after the jump.

[Link to Bad Ass Paint]

More skulls

Painted cow skulls

Want to immortalise your pet cow? Get inspiration from Check out the variety of painted cow skulls through the link below.

[Link to elpasorugs]