Saturday, November 5, 2011

Head Hunting, Voodoo, and Other Recreational After-Dark Activities

Well just another post from your Friendly Neighbourhood Grave Robber ...
-A glass dome spotted at the Sally Anne for Ricky by elPresidente: $2.
-A wicker basket hacked up and turned upside down for the dome base: $1.
-A glue coated strand of twine wrapped around the basket base: $0.
-Some dried and drilled chicken bones courtesy of KFC: $0.
-A Shish Kabob skewer impaling the bones and head: $0.
-One very realistic looking Shrunken Head touched up by me... $35.
Final Display Results ... PRICELESS !!!


  1. RicV, you totally out-do yourself with every creative effort! The shrunken head is AWESOME! And the way you've chosen to display it with the chicken bones and dome, et al, is fab-u-lous!!!

  2. Wow! Yet another epic triumph for RicVic! Your creations are amazing. We-are-not-worthy! It's so grotesque, macabre, and REAL looking... those are all nice compliments, by the way. ;-)

  3. Thanks Missp... I know they are nice compliments. I simply embellished this excellent example and most of the credit goes to the original SH Modeler. The practice of preparing shrunken heads originally had religious significance (uh oh religion again) shrinking the head of an enemy was believed to harness the spirit of that enemy and compel him to serve the shrinker. It was said that sewing the eyes and mouth, plugging the nose was to prevent the soul from escaping and avenging his death.