Friday, November 2, 2012

misspulga's Poetry Corner

The crisp and cold November dries
My lips.
The leaves fall off the trees -
Of day, the nights grow long
As darkness slowly sings its song.

This night the Heavens dance for me,
While stars
Shine bright for all to see
And snow-
Flakes spark upon the ground
(Their silence in itself, a sound).

My heart, embraced, sets free my mind.
My soul,
It soars through space and time...
While cheeks
Are numbed by glacial air
And icy winds wisp through my hair.

I wait: The Earth, so peaceful, stirs...
The sky -
Dark palette; color smears
And warmth
Upon horizon seeps
To meet the frozen diamond peaks.

My circumstance becomes more clear
Through eyes 
Still fogged by winter tears...
I catch
Myself adrift below;
A vessel on the melting snow.


  1. Hey

    Really liked your poem. Have you ever thought about doing readings on stage? (cafes, clubs, etc)

    Also liked your skull pictures, very beautiful!

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence, Mr. Veyron! :-) I never thought about doing readings before, but that sounds like a lot of fun. Can you recommend any cafés or clubs in the Toronto area that offer these types of events?

    2. Haha, you’re very welcome. :-) Not sure where they do readings, that may require a bit of research on our part. But if you ever find a cafe or need help finding one that does allow poetic performances please please please let me know and be sure I get the invite, for to miss a performance from a women who is as talented and as beautiful as you would surely be an epic tragedy.