Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Victorian Taxidermy Museum Display

This is my latest Arcane project.
I cannot afford a real Victorian museum display from 1800's Britain, as they are rare and can auction for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.
Instead I decided to craft one myself.

The total cost was less than $120!
Created with:
- Dead tree bark / branch: Scavenged from local park.
- Old brass tray from India: Garage Sale
- Roll of artificial moss: Walmart.
- Taxidermy bats from Java, Indonesia: Online Auction

- Reproduction Victorian tiffany terrarium: Online Auction


  1. Looks totally epic, RicVic!!! I swear you should make a career out of this... you are so creative, and your attention to detail is amazing. :-)

  2. Thanks but I wouldnt know where to start. Business is not my forte.
    Besides misspupga everything that I create I want to keep.
    They are my creepy children. Maybe I should open an orpahage for freaks and their freaky toys?

    1. That's understandable... I think I would operate the same way too. You put so much time, energy, and love into them... it is, metaphorically, like giving birth. But if people commissioned you to create pieces to their specs, you could make a fortune! And that way, you wouldn't necessarily feel as attached to them as you do towards the ones you make for yourself. :-) The main point is that your creations are awesome. I'd buy one. Or several. :-)

  3. Thank you for your kind words misspulga (I can use them these days).
    Good point ... I am impressed with how you have analyzed ricvic’s attachment to his freak show family.
    I will dispatch some ‘feelers’ to scope the market. I will inform you of their findings when they come back.
    P.S. I sooo wish all of us were next-door neighbours ... It would be so dreadfully funtastic!