Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you Sanding Something, or is that just the Sound of my Eyeballs Moving???

Inner Ear Labyrinth

So, you think *you* have problems? Imagine waking up one day and being able to hear the internal sounds your body makes. Seems cool, right? Not so much... in fact, it could be enough to drive you mad! This is exactly what happened to 57-year old Stephen Mabbutt. He could hear his eyeballs moving around in their sockets and his heart beating, amongst other sounds... leading him to believe that he was going crazy over a period of six years. After extensive medical investigation, he was eventually diagnosed with a rare condition called "superior canal dehiscence syndrome" (SCDS). Essentially, a small hole in the temporal bone of Mr. Mabbutt's skull was causing the semicircular ear canal fluid to leak into his brain. As a result, the internal sounds of his body were conducted to his ear - explaining why he was hearing them. Below are three links: one to the original article, one to another sufferer's webpage (Mindy), and another to an article by Scientific American magazine that explains SCDS in further detail. 

[Link to original article]

[Link to Mindy's story]

[Link to Scientific American article on SCDS]

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