Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebrating 12,000 Visitors!!!

Dear faithful SSWC readers, followers, and blog visitors from around the world... Thank you for helping us to achieve and surpass an amazing 12,000 visits!!! This is an incredible milestone for us. When we first started SSWC, we never imagined that we would develop such a following. The attention the blog has received has inspired our creativity and fueled our passion to take SSWC to a whole new level. Big things are happening at SSWC headquarters...

As you may have noticed, the SSWC blog is now being hosted by Planet Obscura: An innovative event production service and social networking platform based in Toronto, Canada. Planet Obscura's mission is to create the world's first global online community for artists, performers, businesses, and individuals who share a passion for all things eclectic, obscure, macabre, bizarre, and exquisitely deviant. The goal of having such a community is to create a safe and engaging environment where people from every facet of this spectrum can collaborate and flourish creatively. In addition, Planet Obscura endeavours to promote and facilitate this organic process by inviting community members to participate in unique and sophisticated event projects that are fulfilling to devise and delightful to behold. These opportunities not only encourage the development of diverse artistic partnerships, but also provide a means by which to support local talent.

Stay tuned for new Planet Obscura developments (e.g., official website launch next month!!), and information on ways to become involved with the community. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Twitter. :-)

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