Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Life of a House Centipede

House centipede

Werewolves aren't afraid of anything, right?  Well, this lone werewolf was creeped out the other morning when getting into the shower in the dark (early morning candescents tend to blind me somewhat so I leave the lights off).  I thought I felt something crawling along the top of my foot and up my ankle trying to escape the flood of water running along the bottom of the bath, and flicked my foot.  Upon getting out of the shower, I hit the lights and checked the bath to discover yet another house centipede.  It seems early in the spring and fall a number of these suckers find their way into my house.

I decided to do a little research, and discovered they are actually very shy.  They are nocturnal, and prefer dark, moist areas.  Like spiders, they prey on other insects, including ones you don't want in your house, like cockroachs, silverfish, and termites.  Apparently they don't cause any harm, despite the fact they can scurry extremely fast when they want to.  Contrary to popular belief, they do not crawl up the drain pipe and into your bathroom.  I read that they can live up to SIX YEARS!  Are you kidding me?

And apparently, some people keep them as pets!

Okay, okay... perhaps I'm overreacting a little.  All I need to do is finally purchase that dehumidifier that I've been meaning to get, and problem solved, right?  No more having to check the bath every morning before showering.

Aren't you just a little creeped out by these arthropods too?

Click on the link below to read on how to care for your own little arthropod.

[Link to Centipede Care Guide] 

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  1. I like arthropods, but never used to enjoy this particular kind. After reading your post, I find it much easier to co-habit with house centipedes I encounter!