Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amazing Liquor Bottles - October 2012 Edition

'Crystal Head Vodka' bottles.
It's been awhile since I posted photos of the interesting liquor bottles and packaging I've come across during my travels... Many readers have asked if this series would be continued and as such, 'Amazing Liquor Bottles' is now back by popular demand!!! 

I'm also asking *you* to submit your photos...  Any cool bottle, packaging, or concept you personally come across (or find on the internet) is fair game. Please send your submissions to: 

...(or post a link in the comments section) and Screaming Skulls will happily share your finds on the blog! For submission inspiration, check out the links below, and enjoy the photos accompanying this post! 

[Amazing Liquor Bottles, Part I]

[Amazing Liquor Bottles, Part II]

Delicious Canadian beer: Nasty Habit (QC), Boneshaker & Red Racer (ON).

The photos below were taken by misspulga during a trip to Northville, Michigan... in a grocery store. Love how our American neighbours can do that!!! :-)

Other cool links to check out:

[Crystal Head Vodka]
[Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. - Nasty Habit]
[Amsterdam Beer]
[Red Racer Beer]
[BeerAdvocate website]
[TorontoBeerBlog website]

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