Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Alternative Limb Project

Jo-Jo Cranfield for 'the alternative limb project'.
Viktoria Modesta for 'the alternative limb project'.
Kiera for 'the alternative limb project'.
Prosthetic covering by 'the alternative limb project'.

While scrolling through my RSS feeds on Google Reader, I happened upon an interesting post by Neatorama regarding "beautiful prosthetic limbs". I have always been fascinated by amputation from a neuropsychological perspective, but also aesthetically speaking... Perhaps I have ASTAR to thank for this morbid curiosity (see video below - anyone who grew up in the 80s will instantly be transported back in time!)... 

Regardless of my strange personal tastes, I can't imagine *anyone* who wouldn't be drawn to the beauty of 'the alternative limb project'. Directed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata (in the UK), this amazing service combining form and function provides amputees with a creative and personalized alternatives to traditional prosthetic limbs. The hyper-realistic limbs she creates can help amputees feel more "whole" again, while the alternative-style limbs can - according to her website - "help break down social barriers". These limbs are certainly conversation pieces to say the least.

I really believe in the work Sophie is doing. I think that these beautiful works of art truly have the power to heal by helping individuals to regain their confidence and reforge their identities following the tragic loss of a limb. A person will never be the same after surviving an amputation, but Sophie's talents and dedication have the ability to turn this difficult situation into an empowering experience. 

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