Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ticky by Nanda Home

We here at Screaming Skulls love weird and unconventional things (as per the "Weird" in SSWC).  So here is the latest fun way to get out of bed, called Ticky, created by Nanda Home.  Ticky makes a cute yet irritating sound (or you can record something for it to say to wake you up), rolls off your night-stand, and continues to make noises and roll away from you until you get out of bed and catch it.  The analog-type face makes it that much more interesting! It's so cute, I wouldn't mind chasing after it!  

SSWC fun fact: Lone Werewolf can attest to the effectiveness of Nanda Home's alarm clock products, as he is the proud owner of an aqua-coloured Clocky!

Check out Ticky, Tocky, and the original Clocky, at the link below!

[Link to Nanda Home's Products]

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